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The Microsoft Home lets you do anything Microsoft lets you do

Microsoft Home

Microsoft is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Microsoft Home showroom with some new features. At the core is a centralized media server that streams movies, music, and videogames to any room of choice.  Microsoft has already considered all the copyright and ownership issues so that any movie, game, or song of choice will have to be (or already have been) purchased by the household.  The system also knows that peripherals are available, where they are, and what they are capable of.  Want to play a 2D fighter on a tablet PC?  Done. Want to watch a widescreen movie on the flatscreen in the kitchen? Done. Of particular note is a new addition to the home, a teenage girl's bedroom (either she was adopted or she grew up fast - we're not sure). The room keeps tabs on all the clothing in the closet, allowing the fictional girl to see what matches, what items are at the cleaners, and (we assume) what items are allowed after 7pm without dad's sign-off.  Didn't we see that in Clueless, by the way?

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