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Road Sign Aid, most annoying back-seat driver ever

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Road signs have always been more like gentle suggestions than rule-of-the-road iron fist, at least to us. There's a hairpin turn ahead, ok, noted, now let's see how fast we can take it before sliding off into the ditch. But the National Information and Communications Technology Australian lab wants you to follow every road sign you see and has made a driver's aid system that detects and reminds drivers to pay attention to the road signs in front of you. It's kind of like having your nagging grandma accompany you on every car trip you ever take. The system, DAS - driver's assistance system, uses 3 cameras, one to scan the road for signs and the other two to watch where you're watching. The camera's vision is connected to a PC under the dash, which is also connected to the speedometer. The only potential problems might be with low-vision issues, such as bad weather or lack of lighting, assunming that you can actually stand the incessant headache of the computerized back-seat driver in the first place.

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