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Fox takes first step toward Blu-ray


blu-rayThe Blu-ray disc just got a little boost in its blood feud with the HD-DVD over which disc format will be the high-definition successor to the DVD now that the newest member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is a little-known indie studio you might have heard of called Twentieth Century Fox. Now at 73 members, the BDA is focused on studying the format and working on copyright protection technologies prior to its eventual release. Fox hasn't committed to releasing movies in Blu-ray, but as we've mentioned before, this format war will most likely all come down to whoever has the content in HD, and Sony, Pioneer, and the other heavyweights behind the format are  doing the damnedest to get the content providers on board, figuring that if they can get most of the major movie studios to commit to Blu-ray it'll go a long way towards solidifying it as the standard.

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