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The not-so-cute face corset

face corset

If the twisted look of the face corset becomes the next teen trend, then we'll just have to join the ranks of the agoraphobics. As an art aesthetic we're obviously not big fans of the Marilyn Manson-style face corset, but since the the corset was originally created to aid with facial reconstruction due to accident, then we'll admit that the device is not the obvious fashion faux-pas-in-the-making it appears to be. Engineers at the Imperial College of London developed the aid and experts of "facial reconstruction history" (what the?) are creating a "Rearanging the Face" seminar this week. We just hope that JoJo and lil' Bow Wow don't start rocking these, or it's going to be a  real long shut-in winter.

[Via Near Near Future]

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