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Zanware PC Controller in-wall panel


Zanware PC ControllerIf you're in the process of building the perfect networked home, and we're sure you are, Zanware's PC Controller panel might be the front-end interface you've been looking for.  Installable in any standard 3-gang UL electrical box, the PC Controller uses a 128x64 pixel screen and retro-looking dial for input.  It connects using just one Ethernet cable - it gets its power from it as well - making installation relatively easy (aside from all the in-wall Ethernet wiring you'll need to do, of course).  Included as well are temperature and light sensors to trigger scripted events that you set up on your PC.  Zanware suggests that you will be able to dial in music, RSS feeds, and news updates from the Internet on these things.  The thing is pretty customizable, so put one in every room and go crazy with your bad self.

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