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Introducing Hack A Day, the gadget hack archive


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hack a day

We're pleased to announce the addition of another site to the Engadget and Weblogs Inc. extended family: Hack A Day, a new web magazine devoted to seeking out all the best hacks, mods and DIY (do it yourself) projects from around web. Our own resident mad scientist Phillip Torrone will post a new hack every day, with at least one special how-to (also known as How-To Tuesdays here at Engadget) to look forward to each week. We thought it was about time there was one spot on the web where you could keep track everything related to hacking and modding iPods, digital cameras, robots, game consoles, portables, locks, Macs, PCs, etc. This site is still currently in beta, so enjoy the occasional oddity and sawdust while we get things cooking.

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