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Samsung SGH-D500: A megapixel upgrade to their high-end slider

Eric Lin
samsung d500

Samsung announced a new version of their high-end slider-style cameraphone. The SGH-D500 basically addresses every complaint we had about the D415 (although we'll have to see if they improved the menus). They've removed the external antenna (we hope they didn't sacrifice too much of the awesome reception by doing so), added a speakerphone, Bluetooth and SyncML for syncing and beaming pictures, contacts and more. Plus, they've added MP3/AAC audio playback, upgraded the camera to 1.3 Megapixels and packed it full of 80 (80!!) MB of memory for pictures and music.

We know, usually now is when we say "too bad you won't be able to get it here," but guess what? The SGH-D500 is a tri-band GSM/GPRS phone, just like the D415. And we're betting that when this phone is launched around the end of the year that you'll be able to go into your local T-Mobile store and pick one up. It's not totally absurd to believe that since they currently carry the D415 that they'd also carry the replacement.

[Thanks, Bryan]

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