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Dell recalls a million laptop AC adapters

Ryan Block, @ryan
Dell adapter

Dell, seriously. This is ridiculous. We all know your R&D, design, QC, and fulfillment are totally for crap, but come on, you really expect to continue in the cutthroat notebook market after recalling a million (actually, 990,000 to be exact) laptop power adapters? Especially just after earlier this year you recalled 284,000 laptop batteries? Dell, is everything ok over there?

Now on the public service announcement side of things: if your Dell laptop was sold between Sept. 1998 and Feb. 2002 (check even if it wasn't), and your adapter bears the part number 9364U, 7832D, or 4983D, Dell's recalling that part immediately to avoid imminent risk of fire and electrocution. Wait a second, the Dell laptop we're working on right now has one of tho—

[Editor's Note: Ryan could not be contacted to complete this post. We will keep our readers apprised of the situation.]

[Via CNN]

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