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Nokia's 2650 and 2651

Peter Rojas
Nokia 2651

We know what you're thinking. Or at least we know what we were thinking when we first saw the 2650: does that thing actually fold up or not? Turns out it does, and they even have a tutorial reminding you to "not try to force the fold to open more than the hinge allows" and to, "Close the fold by pushing from the top part of the phone, not from the hinge." Good to know, but while we love its looks, unfortunately the 2650 is minimal in both design and specs: there's no Bluetooth, no built-in digital camera, and a 4,096 color LCD screen (we've sorta gotten spoiled by all those cellies with 262K color screens that keep coming out). The 2651, Nokia's North American version of the 2650, supposedly just got FCC approval to be sold here. No word on which carriers might offer it.

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