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Cellphone companies going after the elderly

LG elderly phone

Grandma doesn't use her cellphone; she says it's too small and hard to see.  Grandpa doesn't use his - he doesn't trust the evil people at AT&T to be honest about his bill.  In the interest of getting grams and gramps into their cellphones, the wireless industry is turning its attentions to their needs.  After all, doesn't every teenager, 20-something, 30-something, and parent have a cellphone by now?  This will mean some bigger, chunkier, more honest cellphones for people of age.  Things like LG's cellphone for the elderly - a big, yellow, monster that won't be lost every morning.  As cellphone adoption continues, this could spell an interesting trend - will they become like so many other markets, one for every type?  Will there be a soccer mom phone with a built-in kid herder?  Other concerns rest over the structure of cellphone bills.  AARP, a consumer watchdog group for older people, have reported that elderly people don't understand their cellphone bills, and as such don't trust the cellphone provider companies.  We don't blame them.  If AARP gets its ways, we could all be able to get out of contracts easier as well.  We're with you, grandma!

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