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Kensington's Laptop Desktop USB stand/docking station

Ryan Block, @ryan
Kensington Laptop Desktop USB

Kensington's new Laptop Desktop USB (whose name invokes many a fabled childhood session of "Red Light Green Light 1-2-3!") is almost a lot of things, like a Dell D/View, or a universal laptop stand, or even a docking station—but just not quite. While it seems a good idea, they claim it won't fit all those lovely 17-inch multimedia laptops coming out these days; and while we're totally into the USB docking station thing, four ports just isn't enough for device-heavy users. And the laptop stand thing? Well, you can judge for yourself, but trust us, we've used the D/View stand before (which is the exact same thing, but Dell-only) and we'd say your hard earned dollas might be best saved for that nice new monitor you've been eyeing.

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