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The life-saving Bluetooth shirt sensor


Elderly solitaireA shirt has been fitted with a 2cm x 2cm sensor that signals loved ones when the wearer is moving at great speeds horizontally. In other words, the good people in Singapore have developed Life Alert for shirts.  Fit an elderly person with one of these shirts, and once he or she has taken a fall, the device transmits, via Bluetooth, to a nearby computer or cellphone and alerts those designated to pick up Mr. or Mrs. Old.  Sounds good on the surface, but we must raise a couple questions.  The system assumes that grandma has a Bluetooth-enabled computer or cellphone. That assumption is a bit of a stretch - not even all the early adopters we know have Bluetooth phones yet.  Besides, let's say grandma isn't so neat with her laundry, and like us, just throws her shirt into a pile at the end of the day.  Is that considered a fall? Will that trigger some Rescue 911 action?

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