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Let your finger do the writing with Motorola's new A668 cellphone

Peter Rojas
Motorola A668

You think pounding out text messages on your cellphone's 9 digit keypad is a chore? Try tapping one out in Chinese. Yeah, it's hard, and not just because you don't speak Chinese, either. It's annoying enough in English, bit it's actually even more of a pain to write out an SMS in Chinese, which is why Motorola is rolling out the A668, a new tri-band GSM handset with an unusual keypad that doubles a touch-sensitive surface that let's you write out English and Chinese characters with your finger. The A668 is probably the first to have the keypad double as a touch pad, but there are actually a few phones with regular touch pads already out there (Nokia has at least a couple) that are aimed pretty much exclusively at the Chinese market.

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