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1874 Jules Verne story titled "The Camera-Phone" unearthed

Ryan Block, @ryan
Jules Verne's The Camera-Phone

One of our must trusted and reliable sources for news, The Onion, has unearthed a rare 1874 manuscript by late French novelist and science fiction visionary Jules Verne, entitled "The Camera-Phone". Apparently the story, in its native language titled "Le Telephon-Photographique," revolves around a talented scientist, Bernard Cingulaire who "fails to predict that his invention, a portable telephone that can take photographs and send short script messages, will contribute to the breakdown of traditional manners among Parisians". It's history guiding-documents like this that make us really glad we're on the right track today. It will certainly join the ranks of some of our favorite historic texts, such as Freud's essay entitled "On the Loneliness of the Technically Inclined," and the classic George Orwell sequel to 1984, 1995.

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