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Sharp's Zaurus SL-C3000 appears in the East with 4GB hard drive


sharp zaurus SL-C3000 1
The newest Zaurus from Sharp has risen with some nice new features, including a built-in 1-inch 4GB drive and the standard 128MB of RAM.  It also features some new interface tweaks like a control pad that replaces the previous arrow keys.  With all this new stuff and the new moving parts, Sharp is claiming a decent 7 hours of battery time for the SL-C3000, down from about 8 hours for the SL-C860.  Other niceties include the ability to operate as a USB drive, SD and CF slots, irDA, and media playback of MP3, WMA, and MPEG-4 video files.  Expect the new Zaurus to go on sale November 15 in Japan.  You should be able get your sweaty mitts on these in the West shortly thereafter. Click to see some more pics.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

sharp zaurus SL-C3000 2sharp zaurus SL-C3000 3

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