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Online retailer selling OEM copies of Windows Media Center Edition 2005 with no system

Ryan Block, @ryan
Windows Media Center Edition 2005

Yeah, you heard us right. We aren't sure how Directron is doing it (as if you recall, Microsoft is only giving out Media Center Edition 2005 to their VARs, who will in turn offer the upgrade to their customers with media-center PCs), but apparently through a possible licensing loophole, they're letting it go for $134 US (with a remote for an extra $44, as well). On their page they're selling it as though they're assuming you, the customer, are a computer reseller building media-center PCs for your customers (so buy it fast, and we do mean now, if you catch our drift). Whatever, right? Of course, we predict within 15 minutes, Microsoft will have issued a cease and decist, so, you know what you've got to do if your PC's manufacturer doesn't seem to plan to offer the upgrade any time soon (or if you want to roll your own MCE box).

[Via Lockergnome]

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