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In-depth look at Windows XP Media Center Edition


Windows Media Center Edition 2005If preliminary glances weren't enough to yet whet your appetite, the guys at Anandtech have put together an exhaustive look at Windows Media Center Edition 2005, replete with screenshots and installation log.  It's interesting to note that it seems Microsoft has fixed numerous problems with previous iterations, and the setup process looks pretty straightforward for anyone looking to buy their hardware separately. Now that PCs are available with decent hardware specs for MCE, a self-install like the one they go through doesn't seem too far-fetched, either (and apprently, you can now order MCE separately, as well).  A couple problems remain with MCE, though, like the inability to record things that are already in buffer (say you've been watching something for 30 minutes and want to save the whole show—you can't) as well as lack of recording support for HDTV other than over-the-air broadcasts (no HBO-HD, for instance).  It's a huge overview, so take a look, especially if you're planning on installing MCE 2005.

[Via DigitalMediaThoughts]

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