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Samsung's SCH-S250, the deets are in

Ryan Block, @ryan
Samsung SCH-S250

So the details on Samsung's SCH-S250, the 5 megapixel cameraphone that we told you about earlier this week, have begun to make it out. Not surprisingly, to go along with that crazy resolution it's got a 320 x 240 pixel QVGA screen, which can display an astounding 16.7 million colors (the resolution isn't by any means a first for a cameraphone, but the amount of colors the display can handle definitely is). It also has a text to speech function, QVGA video recording, and Tungsten 3-like slide-out design that protects the camera optics, 92MB of internal memory, an MP3 player, TV-out and MMC. MMC? What, they couldn't add SD to what's arguably one of the most advanced phones in the world? It's only out later this month in Korea, so don't worry about hoarding your pennies just yet for the $800 pricetag.

[Thanks, Wirobro]

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