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Hands-on with MobiNote's DVX-POD 7010 personal video player

Peter Rojas
MobiNote DVX-POD 7010

We've had our eye on MobiNote's DVX-POD 7010 personal video player ever since we first caught wind of it back in June. We figured it'd be yet another one of those random Taiwainese PVPs that never actually makes it over here (how many times have we complained about that, right?), but not only is the DVX-POD actually going to be available in the States beginning next month, we actually managed to get our lusty paws on one the other day courtesy of Tight Systems, which'll be distributing them here soon. Click to see some initial impressions as well as a few more photos.

Mobinote DVX-POD 7010

First off, the specs: 20GB hard drive, support for playback of DivX, MPEG-4, WMV, and QuickTime video files, as well as the standard stuff for listening to MP3s and viewing JPEGs. Besides being bigger than what you?ll find on practically every other personal video player, the DVX-POD?s large 6.5-inch widescreen LCD screen is crisp and has a resolution of 720 x 480. Also comes with a detachable stand on the back if you want to tilt it up on a table or airplane tray table.

Mobinote DVX-POD 7010Mobinote DVX-POD 7010

Mobinote DVX-POD 7010
We?ll save you the trouble and just say flat out that they?re trying to ride on the success of the iPod. Besides the obviousness of putting ?POD? in the name, with its white plastic casing you could probably convince some of your friends who don?t read Engadget that the DVX-POD is some super secret video iPod. At least until the see the clunky user interface, which is honestly a little disappointing considering how fresh the screen is.

MobiNote DVX-POD 7010
Yep, it?s big. Really big, especially compared with the Gmini 400 from Archos. But at least you won?t have to squint or worry about being able to read sub-titles or whatever.

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