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HP iPod Photo?

Peter Rojas

iPod PhotoSo now that Apple has officially rolled out the new iPod Photo, we still have one nagging question: will HP follow suit and come out with an HP iPod Photo? Not necessarily, since even though HP has their own "versions" of the 20GB and 40GB iPod, Apple hasn't cut them in on that sweet iPod mini action. The HP rep we spoke to this morning told us that they have "Nothing to announce", but given HP's huge emphasis on digital photograhy and digital photo printing you figure it'd be natural for them to hook up an HP iPod Photo. Which makes us wonder, what exactly is the nature of Apple and HP's deal? Does HP automatically get to sell a version of each new iPod that comes out or are things negotiated on a per-iPod basis? HP's rep wouldn't answer that question for us, either.

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