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Watch this Wednesday: The Truth Detector Watch


lie to me

Last week we begged IBM to give us the deets on the Linux watch they promised years ago, this week we're gearing up to see if they're telling the truth next time we see them with The Truth Detector Watch.

press hereWhat it is

Using built in bio-sensors, you ask the potential fibber to hold their fingers on the watch, ask them a question and depending on the bars display, they might be lying to you.

Why we like it

Yah, it?s probably does really work, but just rolling in with one of these in the next meeting when Bob tries to lay down his crummy forecasts for next year is worth it to freak him out.

Where to get it and how much
SmartHome, for $15.99, it?s not a bad deal for falsehood probing and the lying liars who lie.

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