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ilovebees' sweet farewell



With Halo 2 around the corner (six days!), the ilovebees phenomenon is drawing to a close. On Sunday, it seems that the site posted some actual details about a rather large Halo 2 event this Thursday night. Believe it. Pitched as a "Combat Training Exercise", the page lists four real movie theatre locations: Bay Cinema (NY), The Metreon (San Fran), Loews in Schaumburg (Chicago), & the Alamo Drafthouse (Austin). Microsoft confirmed this information yesterday, clarifying the event as "a culmination to the Halo 2 I Love Bees program." All you need to know is that the theatres will be equipped with Xboxes and linked via Live. Yes, you could be playing Halo 2 this Thursday night! (9pm - 12am EST)

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