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iPod remote doesn't control photos on iPod Photo


ipod remote

Hmmmm. We just picked up an iPod Photo and noticed that you can only use the iPod remote to control music on the new iPod, but not to advance, pause, or play photo slideshows. We had secretly been hoping we could simply sit on the couch and show off our collection of robot pictures just using the iPod remote (or maybe using the IR NaviPod), but that is a no-go. So basically, physically pressing the buttons on the iPod actually doesn't do exactly the same thing as pressing the corresponding buttons on the, so expect a new accessory you'll need to buy sometime soon if you want to browse through photos without having to set up the auto-advance timing feature. We called Apple Tech Support to confirm, and the rep we spoke to said that is should actually work, but when we asked if she was sure, she admitted that she's never used an iPod before (!), and looked at the screen again and noticed that it does list the remote as being for audio control only.

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