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Engadget Podcast 012 - 11.09.2004


Here it is, the latest Engadget Podcast! This is the first "photo" podcast, our new experiment. We talk about consumers creating more content, some upcoming articles on Engadget about technology advertising, the Engadget MP3 player and Audible audio book giveaway, Skype interview, how CBS says blogs are like CB radio, getting movie listings on SPOT watches, how Best Buy (Best lie) doesn't want you as a customer, and how to make salad bowls from records.

Hosts: Lenn Pryor, Phillip Torrone.
Format: 38 minutes, 13MB, MP3.

Click here to listen to the show (MP3) or add the Engadget Podcast Feed to your Podcasting application and have the show delivered automatically.

We've added time codes in the following list and links to the stories or references.

Time & Topics:
01:00- First iPod Photo Podcast! Get the photos here.
03:50- Future articles on Engadget, Advertising in Technology, holding a mirror up.
10:00- MP3 player and audible giveaway on Engadget.
11:00- Skype interview, we used Skype for this podcast.
14:30- CBS says blogs are not journalism (reality TV is TV?).
21:40- Movies on SPOT watches, still need to kick up a notch.
26:00- Best Buy hates smart customers, are you a Barry or a Buzzes?
34:00- Make salad bowls out of old records, mmm, vinyl.


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