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From feedreader to feed-eater: RSS goes cute in Japan

Gareth Edwards

Gene, the RSS eaterAfter the success of PostPets it was clear that Japan had a taste for having information delivered to the desktop by fluffy animals, and now the inevitable has happened: A cute RSS reader is upon us. Ageet's Gene TrialTypeA software aims to pull in non-geek users by offering an interface that allows you to drag-and-drop feed links into it, upon which the mouselike creature called Gene (pictured right) will obligingly eat them and read you the headlines via speech bubbles or aloud. The current release is a free beta, though there's apparently a full release on the way that will include "blog-themed communication functions", whatever that might mean. Gene's speech bubble says "gotta update my blog," so we're hoping that with the right settings we'll be able to have him surf all our gadget feeds and blog the results without us needing to get out of bed.

[Via ITmedia (Japanese)]

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