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Library of Congress could be adding Commodore 64s


delkin archival gold cdrRealizing that given the constant pace of technological innovation and obsolescence that there is going to be a big gaping hole in the historical record when future historians start looking back at the current era, the Library of Congress is investing millions into coming up with a scheme to help people gain access and archive old digital files.  For those with old floppy disks and CD-Rs that might be going bad, the Library of Congress may be considering creating a usable museum of old computers that'll allows users to grab old files and archive them on more modern media.  Think about it: in about 20 years, your children or grandchildren could be asking to see pictures of the old days, and you'll have to find a way to grab those 4 megapixel pictures off of that crusty flash card.  By hooking up with the Library of Congress, you could potentially find a vintage Pentium 4, burn the files to a UV Disk, and save those pictures for another 20 years.

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