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Engadget Podcast 013 - 11.12.2004


Hello Internets. Here's our latest podcast, on the show we talk about the photos embedded in our MP3, annotating reality with GPS and photos on music players, the iPod video project, why digital video is hard, cell phone movies, movies as ads, wake up calls with Darth Vader from Target, the Hoodio and the beginning of the end for the ScreenSavers on G4TechTV.

Host: Phillip Torrone.
Format: 28 minutes, 9MB, MP3.

Click here to listen to the show (MP3) or add the Engadget Podcast Feed to your Podcasting application and have the show delivered automatically.

We've added time codes in the following list and links to the stories or references.

00:00- Intro.
02:30- Photos in the Podcast, check the Album art!
03:00- Annotating Reality, with photos and MP3s.
06:00- iPod Photo article killed our server, go watch the vids.
08:30- Digital video is hard, Kevin Kringle is the new lame Wendy's guy.
13:45- Cell phone movies, 24 in 24 minutes.
17:20- Wake up calls from target, everyone is making movies.
19:00- The Hoodio, our next hack.
20:30- The Screensavers on g4techtv gone for now, go narrowcasting.


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