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Review of the T-Mobile SDA Smartphone

Peter Rojas
T-Mobile SDA

Now that Cingular is throwing its weight around and getting exclusives on lots of the better new GSM phones out there (like Motorola's RAZR V3 and Sony Ericsson's S710a), it might be time for T-Mobile USA to hurry up and release the SDA Smartphone, which their cousins in Germany have been carrying for a few months now. Smartphone Thoughts has a review of the phone, which runs on Windows Mobile for Smartphone 2003 Second Edition and actually comes in "Business" and "Music" versions (it looks like they got the "Business" version"; the "Music" version has dedicated keys for pausing or skipping tracks when you're listening to music), and has 32MB of RAM, a 65K color LCD screen, built-in Bluetooth, a VGA quality digital camera, a miniSD card slot (which annoyingly they've put under the battery).

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