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Engadget Podcast 015 - 11.19.2004


Shake it, shake it, one two-On this show we talk about "mash ups", hunting and shooting animals via the web, how TiVo sold us out, EPIC-the Googlezon future, movie theaters that will take your picture, Amazon's "used" sale, Oakley MP3 glasses, and if Wal-Mart is good for America.

Hosts: Lenn Pryor & Phillip Torrone.
Format: 1 hour, 14MB, MP3.

Click here to listen to the show (MP3) or add the Engadget Podcast Feed to your Podcasting application and have the show delivered automatically. This show as created with iChat, LineIn, GarageBand and Audacity.

We've added time codes in the following list and links to the stories or references.

00:00- Intro.
02:15- Comments about Palm... Lenn still says Palm's CCO knows kung fu.
05:00- Mash the Planet, we need your help, mashing it.
13:30- Hunt via the web, um, yikes.
21:00- Tivo sells your fast-forward button, How-to get rid of your TiVo coming next week...
31:40- EPIC, the future with the google grid, wild.
44:30- Amazon sells used condoms, or sell your own.
46:40- Oakley MP3 sunglasses, iPodlounge reviews them.
50:00- Movies to take your pictures, how we're fighting back.
52:50- Walmart, not good for America-beat them.


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