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Bluetooth finally catching on. Again.

Peter Rojas
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Next year is definitely Bluetooth's big breakout year. Except that last year people were saying that 2004 would be the year. And the year before that, supposedly it was 2003 that Bluetooth would totally catch on. In fact, every few months or so there's another round of "Bluetooth is finally catching on" stories, so it's good to see the Mercury News kicking things off with a piece today about how Bluetooth is definitely about to come of age. There's even the obligatory prediction by someone in the industry about how next year things are really going to take off and some stats about how by 2008 65% of all cellphones sold in the US will have Bluetooth, which'll be about two years after all of us will start demanding phones with ultrawideband in 'em. Next up: a spate of articles about how Bluetooth has flopped.

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