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Game over: Sony scrambles to retrieve faulty demo disk

Susan Mernit

voge2What if the PlayStation 2 holiday demo disk Sony sent you this fall wiped out your memory card and erased one of your games—like the final stages of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? That's pretty much the situation for some members of Sony's PlayStation Underground Fan Club, who received free copies of a trial version of the Capcom adventure game Viewtiful Joe 2, only to discover that playing the disc deleted everything stored in their memory files. Sony says they're doing everything in their power to notify players, from sending out postcards to posting forum alerts to beating the guy who made the mistake to a bloody pulp(okay, not that). A representative says "We recognize this as a serious issue and are doing everything we can to alert the consumers who received the demo," which, translated from the corporatese, means, Oh jeeze, we screwed up. Ya think?

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