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Extended range WiFi technology review

Dan Wu

Belkin 802.11n Pre-N Wireless CardTrusty old Tom's takes a look at a few WiFi products that claim extended range and double the speed, namely SuperG 802.11g products (108Mbps) and Belkin Pre-N (sort of based on 802.11n), finding that they are indeed faster than normal 802.11g products at any range. The Belkin Pre-N products with True MIMO astounded the reviewer, as he had never before seen such fast speeds, even at distances as far as 400-feet outdoors. While fast, do note that the Pre-N products may not necessarilty compatible with 802.11n when such products are finalized and released (hence the name), which is why you are may be taking a gamble if you buy any non-upgradeable Pre-N products now.

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