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Ask Engadget: Best flash-based MP3 player?

Peter Rojas
Ask Engadget

Yes, Ask Engadget is a little on the late side today. We have a good excuse (we were hanging out with Cat Schwartz from TechTV, who is in town right now). Anyway, this week's Ask Engadget is from Kamalot, who wants some help picking a flash-based MP3 player for his wife:

I'm looking for a Christmas present for my wife, the proud owner of a Rio Karma. She loves the Karma but would like to do a bit of light running or exercise and is deathly afraid of damaging the hard drive (and rightly so). I'd like to get her a flash drive player that you show off so often on Engadget but don't know which one to get. All it really needs to do is hold an hour or so of music and be tiny. Interface isn't an issue cause she is likely to load it up with her favorite running music and just let it play as she jogs in the park. Can you or your readers recommend their favorite MP3 players that fit the bill?

Any advice?

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