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Add WiFi to your Treo 650! SD WiFi card drivers hacked

Peter Rojas

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Plenty of Treo 650 owners were cheesed off that palmOne released their new smartphone without support for their WiFi SD card (which officially only works with the Tungsten T5, the Tungsten T3, and the Zire 72. They've promised to get around to supporting it sooner or later, but you know how impatient those hackers can be, and so hot on the heels of his fine work to uncripple the Bluetooth on Sprint's version of the Treo 650 so you can use it as a wireless laptop modem, "Shadowmite" has figured out a way to hack the driver for the SD WiFi card so it'll work with the Treo 650, too (the hacked driver is hosted here). Hugeness, of course.

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