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Anarchy Online now FREE… Kinda

Steve Parsons

Today it was announced that if you sign up between now and January 15th, you can play theanarchy MMORPG "Anarchy Online" with no sign up free, or monthly subscription fee, until January 1st 2006. The only small print appears to be that if you want to use any of the expansion packs, you'll have to cough up money and pay. Signing up does NOT require a credit card. You just give them your name and address. And really, you could probably lie about that, since there's no billing for the next year.

You have two download options. Regular and Bit Torrent. You know, the P2P app that only has illegal uses according to certain groups… *sigh* (I recommend Azureus as a client.) The BT download, at time of writing, is the only one that seems to be working.

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