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The Viosport helmet-mounted camera

Marc Perton
Viosport camera

When we heard about the Viosport helmet-mounted camera, our first impression was that it was going to look like one of those bulky lights coal miners wear, or like some bizarre kludge (the iSight/Powerbook combo comes to mind). But Viosport's Adventure 3 camera is actually a sleek, four-ounce unit that can easily fit on a bicycle, motorcycle or snowmobile helmet. Viosport's cameras, designed to capture a first-person POV under any conditions, have been used by Richard Branson, the EXPN X Games, and MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Now we get it. And we wouldn't mind using it either. Except that, given our skills at any of the sports the cam's designed for, most footage would be of us eating dirt, and that's something we can do without preserving for posterity.

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