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Latest study shows that cellphones are dangerous/not dangerous

Peter Rojas
cellphone radiation

See? It only took only eleven days for a study to come out contradicting the one earlier this month from researchers at Korea University that determined that the electromagnetic radiation from cellphones has "no harmful effect on the human body." This time around a study conducted by 12 research groups in seven European countries found that exposure to the electromagnetic field of a cellphone caused damage to the DNA of human and animal cells (which means you probably shouldn't feel bad about not buying your dog a cellphone), and that often the cells weren't able to repair the damage done. As usual, the results aren't conclusive enough to prove that cellphones are dangerous to humans (the cynic in us says that conclusiveness usually means an end to research grants), though some the scientists involved did recommend that people use a headset whenever possible. You could try that, but we recommend waiting a few days until another study comes along that will set your mind at ease.

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