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The ABOSS i-Pocket says, "Apple, please sue us!"

Peter Rojas
ABOSS i-Pocket

Damn, this one looks like even more of an iPod mini knockoff than the Micromaxx MM42452. Of course, ABOSS couldn't stop at ripping off the iPod mini, the i-Pocket even ganks a few design bits from the 3G iPod in the form of those four buttons across the front. It was pretty easy to figure out the inspiration for the i-Pocket, but we can't figure out exactly how much onboard storage it has. The facsimile does actually improve on the iPod mini in a couple of small ways—it has an OLED screen and a built-in SD/MMC/Memory Stick memory card slot—but the best part is that it even comes in the same five colors as the iPod (make sure you click to see the rest of the pics).

[Thanks, Michael]

ABOSS i-Pocket
ABOSS i-Pocket

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