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We're rich! Nigerian company wants to buy 8,000 cameraphones and 5,000 laptops from us

Peter Rojas

We don't actually sell anything here at Engadget, but over the weekend we received this email from the CEO of a hot new technology company in Nigeria that's looking to buy 8,000 cameraphones and 5,000 laptops from us:

Name: mc mick sally


URL: Subject: i'll like to order for items

ENG Site:

I am Mr Mc mick sally,

The (ceo) Chief Excutive officer of Skytech Information & Technology Nigeria Limited. Federal govt. has just approved three (3) communication companies and information technology centers, so my company has been given the oppuntunity to supply 8,000 cameral phones and 5,000 Pentium 4 laptop computers but due to the large quantity of these product the govt. asked us to present samples of those items to the Minister of Information and Minister of Finane, so that they know the quality of these products, moreover i chose your company because i discoverd from what i saw on Internet your product is good, but to be very sure of what i saw and to convince the Ministers of your product, his by seen the sample real. We are given (2) two weeks to put things in placefor launching on 1/jan/2005, but samples of the products first.

The Total cost of all my orders including shipping cost which to be sent to my electronic mail box and copy of it in Ink along with the samples. contact address is

53, shogbamu street, new garage, gbagada lagos 23401 Nigeria.



yours faithfully


Mc Mick Sally.

This looked like a pretty good way to make a little extra spending money for Christmas presents, so we figured "what the heck?" and Fedexed them a couple of the old cameraphones and laptops we had lying around here; once they finalize their order we'll figure out a way to get them the 8,000 cameraphones and 5,000 laptops, there's probably some wholesaler that would hook us up. We're gonna be so rich, suckas, there's no way a person named "Mc Mick Sally" could be scamming us.

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