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Bonus gadget giveaway: Win some crazy AM/FM radio from Google

Peter Rojas
Google radio

It took us a little longer than we hoped to judge the last couple of days of last week's Five Days of Holiday Giveaways (hey, occasionally we do leave the house), but to make up for it we've got a bonus contest for you this week. This time it's a gadget you can't buy in any store: this AM/FM radio with weird pulsating lights from Google, of all places. We're not sure why it glows, but we have enough glowing things around here already, so we figured we'd give you guys a shot at it. This time around—since it is a Google-gadget—here's what we're going to do: tell us what you would do if you were in charge of Google, and the best answer, as determined by the editors of Engadget and a couple of special guest judges (namely Weblogs, Inc. co-founders Brian Alvey and Jason Calacanis).

Click to see a few more pics.

Google radio

Google radio


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