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Microdia's 3GB SD memory card

Peter Rojas
Microdia 3GB SD card

All we've got to go on is a scan of an advertisement that was in The Straits Times the other day (thanks to reader Nic Seow for the hookup on that), but a company called Microdia says they'll have a 3GB SD memory card for sale soon, as well as a 3GB MMC card, a 2GB miniSD, and a 2GB RS-MMC cards. Sooner or later these things are going to be cheap enough (2GB SD cards are expected to price out at around $250, we don't even want to think about how inexpensive these will be in a year) that you'll have to think really hard about whether you still want to carry around a separate dedicated digital audio player rather than just load up one of these high-capacity cards with MP3s and pop it into your phone (there isn't a right answer, it just comes down to what's most convenient for you). Suddenly we understand why Apple is working with Motorola...

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