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The 2004 Engadget Awards

Peter Rojas

2004 Engadget AwardsIt's time for the 2004 Engadget Awards! We're asking you to nominate your favorite gadgets in each of 17 categories, as well as your picks for Gadget of the Year, Disappointment of the Year, Merger of the Year, Worst Gadget of the Year, Comeback of the Year, and the Most Anticipated Gadget of 2005.

We'll keep the nominations open until 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, December 27th. We'll pick five finalists for each category and then you'll have a chance to vote for your favorites from Thursday until Saturday. We're also going to pick our favorites from the 5 finalists, with both Engadget's and the readers' choice winners to be announced next week after we fully recover from all the New Year's debauchery. We'll be awarding both a Reader's Choice Award and an Engadget Editors' Pick for each category.

Here are the different categories, please post your nominations there:

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