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Feds don't want your ride pimped, fine WCC 16K

Ryan Block, @ryan
Pimp My Ride

We have a feeling Xzibit's gonna go lay down some serious smack on whichever fed (heretofore referred to as "the man") fined Pimp My Ride's West Coast Customs $16,000. Dude, all they did was start removing airbags and installing DVD players and LCDs in the remaining cavities! What's your problem! Actually, we can kind of understand why the man did this, safety regulations and all, but we're pretty sure West Coast Customs is operating under the logic that if you drop $20,000 on mods into your beat up jalopy (or H2, alike), then you're probably going to drive a little more carefully than the average road-warrior. But that that's not actually been our experience driving on the roads with such people it neither here nor there, is it?

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