Engadget @ CES - Leaving Las Vegas

Ryan Block
R. Block|01.10.05

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Ryan Block
January 10, 2005 12:36 AM
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Engadget @ CES - Leaving Las Vegas image
Engadget @ CES - Leaving Las Vegas image
CES Luxor

We got the penthouse suite, no one could stop us. We came, we saw (the inside of hotel and press rooms, anyway), we conquered the 2005 CES. Now we're headed back to our respective Engadget offices (New York, San Francisco, Seattle, L.A., etc.) a whole lot wiser, and great deal more sleep-deprived, and slightly more drunk. But just because CES is over doesn't mean we've finished! We'll continue to have more posts until we've covered every corner of the Las Vegas Convention Center—remember, every day can be CES if you just believe it in your heart. But for now, some vital LV Team Engadget stats:

Number of posts: 229 (and counting)
Number of lost gadgets: 4
Number of laptops broken: 1
Number of colds caught: 2
Number of WiFi networks traversed: 12
Average hours slept nightly: 4.73
Number of HD tapes used: 7
Energy bars consumed: 34
Number of casinos visited: 6
Amount of money lost gambling: $34.50

CES room

It looked something like this after about 13 minutes. The Hotel War Room.

CES: Boosting a Plasma
You may recognize this photograph?

CES Eric
Eric took it off a sweet jump, dude.

Cat loves her some PSP. And no wonder: 2004 Engadget Award for best gaming console!

Creative Zen
Wireless Headset
Pete thinks pink.

CES war
The Press Room War Room. You get ID%uFFFDd when you try to sit down.

CES limo
The paparazzi snapped us this shot of PhoneScoop Rich and Eric in a limo with Kyocera. No photo, no photo!

CES blogging gates
Covering the Gates keynote live over EV-DO. And falling asleep.

CES ramsay
Well look who we found outside. We didn%uFFFDt wait around long enough to see if we%uFFFDd be granted a second interview.

CES ny ny
Ahh, home sweet home. We swear, that%uFFFDs the real the Statue of Liberty standing right next to the ESB.

The cast:
Our fearless leader
Peter Rojas
Chairman of the Board
Jason Calacanis
Ryan Block
Eric Lin
Dan Wu
Fancy Stuff
Jill Fehrenbacher
Cash Money
Shawn Gold
Hostess with the Mostest
Cat Schwartz

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