Colorvision's Spyder2Pro Studio reviewed

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Donald Melanson
April 12th, 2005
Colorvision's Spyder2Pro Studio reviewed image
Colorvision's Spyder2Pro Studio reviewed image

Digital Media Thoughts has a review of Colorvision's Spyder2Pro Studio, a hardware/software combo for fine tuning your monitor's color calibration.  The $299US package consists of a calibration sensor that sticks on your screen facehugger-style, as well as a couple of different software programs for tweaking your display settings.  As you can tell from the price, this isn't something for everyone, although Colorvision does also put out an entry-level package for $100, and the reviewer himself seems completely indifferent about it.  We don't know how well it works, but we'd certainly wait for a few more reviews before passing judgment on it.

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