Britain seeks new 'Q'

James Bond and Q

All right, y'all, Engadget has found a use for your third nipple that doesn't involve web porn. Britain has been advertising for a new "CEO of Government Communications Centre" — i.e., high-tech spymaster lab boss known as James Bond's "Q." The real-life version in residence in Her Majesty's Government does R & D work in "communications systems and equipment." If you've god mad skillz in radio frequency engineering, acoustics, signal processing and software engineering, you could be a candidate for the new Q. You might be in for a bit of a letdown, however, because as it turns out, the foremost duty of the new Q is, sadly, to be a boring bureaucrat. Or at least, to maintain the appearance of one whilst you secretly harbor that uber-cool spymaster persona seething just underneath your business casual.