Xbox 360 = Xbox 1.5? Kutaragi trashtalkin'!

Barb Dybwad
B. Dybwad|05.25.05

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Xbox 360 vs. PS3 size comparison

Meeeeeeow, Ken — it's a game console catfight, and in the near corner we've got Sony CEO Ken Kutaragi serious dissin' on the Xbox 360, which is "more like an Xbox 1.5" because it seems like an extension of the original console instead of something radically new. He also lays in on the use of multiple general purpose CPUs that will "only benefit general applications" as opposed to beefing up entertainment functions. So guess what the PS3 is all sorts of about? That's right — entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Those Media Centre PCs, says Ken? Nice distractions that emulate home electronics. But the PS3, man, the PS3 — created from the ground up for home entertainment. Beyond all the hyperbole and verbal fisticuffing, Kutaragi mentioned something very interesting about a sort of online storage system called Cell Storage that would act as central respository for media. Also curious, the concept that you'll be able to use idle time from the Cell chip to perform processor-intensive functions such as scaling up standard video to high definition, for example. Smells like "distributed computing" to us and frankly, we'll be excited to see it coming to the living room. Let's just hope it's not more hyperbole.

[Thanks, tk for the size comparison image]

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