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NeuroSky to offer thought control without those pesky brain implants

Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|June 1, 2005 9:11 AM
NeuroSky (thought control headset)

Intellectual children (dweebs) have long suffered the humiliation of being chosen last for such illustrious sports as Dodgeball and Piggy Move Up. Up to now, parents could only implant a BrainGate in hopes of supplanting hand-eye coordination with thought-control (be the ball Danny, be the ball). But now, NeuroSky (a fab(u)less startup of US chip designers and Russian neuroscientists chillin' in NorCal) claims a "breakthrough" in non-invasive neural sensors allowing low-cost, dry (no contact gels) neural mapping solutions to be applied to those things you'd most like to mind control (spouse, voters, TV, game console, cellphone). Initially, they will focus on three applications: sleep/drowsiness detectors for the automotive and industrial markets; therapeutic solutions for attention deficit disorder (ADD) problems; and gaming consoles. They've already inked a deal with China Mobile and their 100 million cellphone subscribers. Hmm, China embracing thought-control technology - who woulda guessed it?

[Via textually.org]