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Samsung and Audi pairing cellphones and car stereos

Peter Rojas
Peter Rojas|July 1, 2005 9:50 AM
Samsung Audi Bluetooth car stereo

Motorola's been talking up their new iRadio Bluetooth-enabled cellphone audio system for months now, but it looks like they're getting some competition from Samsung, which is teaming up with Audi (and not Kia or Hyundai?) on a new musicphone that can wirelessly pair up with a car stereo over Bluetooth. It's a bit similar, but the difference between this and iRadio is that you're listening to music that's stored locally on your phone, not streaming it over the internet (like you do with iRadio). Anyway, they're doing all the demos of this with the D600, Samsung's new two megapixel cameraphone, but they've already announced plans to integrate the technology into the i300, that new 3GB musicphone they're coming out with later this year.

[Thanks, Mike]

UPDATE: Actually, they're more similar than we'd thought, iRadio is caching streamed internet radio, not streaming it live.