Mighty Mouse: Multibutton-esque Apple Mouse

C.K. Sample, III
C. III|08.02.05

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C.K. Sample, III
August 2nd, 2005
mighty mouse
mighty mouse
mighty mouse

Apple finally grew a brain and released a multi-button mouse! Sort of...

I'm overjoyed, I want one, and I'm speechless. It's "single-button looks, multibutton charm." I think this may be one of the signs of the Mac apocalypse...

Is there a bluetooth one?! Doesn't look like it. When the heck are they going to come out with a bluetooth multi-button-esque mouse?!?!  ;-)

Thanks, Harry!

ps--I wonder if Apple will get sued for infringing on the cartoon character. "Mighty Mouse Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved." Thanks, to narco and hellRaven for pointing this out.

UPDATE: In my excitement, I forgot the details: $49, Mac / PC (WIndows XP / 2000) compatible, USB 1.1 or 2.0. It's a mouse with a scroll ball, button, touch-sensitive top-shell, force-sensing side buttons, and optical tracking. 
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